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What is CronicSoothe?

CronicSoothe was developed for people that enjoy a relaxing smoke, but may experience throat discomfort causing a harsh cough. CronicSoothe is made with natural ingredients like fruit juices and herbs, rich in antioxidants, to provide a more comfortable smoking session.  CronicSoothe is not a cough suppressant and contains no medication, THC, or CBD.  You may still cough when using CronicSoothe.

How do I use CronicSoothe?

For​ best results, we recommend taking a few drinks, 5 minutes before your smoke session.  Then, take a drink before you take a puff.  If you begin to cough, drink to soothe.  Then continue drinking before every hit.

Cold Weather Instructions: If you are smoking outside in cold temperatures, we strongly recommend heating CronicSoothe to the temperature of a warm cider.  Drinking a chilled beverage and inhaling cold air increases the chance of throat discomfort. Please, DO NOT microwave the bottle.

What can I smoke when using CronicSoothe?

Smoke what ever you like. Whether its a joint, pipe, bong, vaporizer, cigarette, vape pen, wax or even hookah, enjoy a bottle of CronicSoothe with it.

Is CronicSoothe a cough suppressant?

CronicSoothe is not a cough suppressant or cough cure.  It is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any illness or disease. It does not contain any drug, medication, THC, or CBD.  CronicSoothe was developed for a more enjoyable smoking session.​

Where can I buy CronicSoothe?

Currently, CronicSoothe is exclusively available to order here on  We ship in quantities of 4, 12, and 25 packs.  Free shipping and monthly subscriptions are available on certain products.





Take the CronicSoothe Challenge!

Put us to the test! Does throat discomfort from smoking cause you to cough uncontrollably? Take the CronicSoothe Challenge! 


Record a normal smoke break without CronicSoothe.  We want to see your normal cough. Wait at least a day to let your throat recover.

 Then record another session using CronicSoothe as instructed, and feel the difference.  Smoke as you normally would. Make sure to smoke the same method both days.  Share your video and tag us!  We would love to see your results!


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